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Discuss me [14 May 2006|09:09am]

Name: Laura, i like lor better though
Age: 18
Sex: female
Education so far: high school
Favorite Color: all, lately shades of yellow and green though
Favorite band/cd: music is love, i can't choose. i like indie, unconventional rap, oldies, and soul.
Favorite Movie: what dreams may come, and waking life
Favorite Book: this is the toughest question, i'm an indecissive person and books are my favorite topic, i'd have to say The Sun Also Rises for right now, but i guarantee it will change

State your opions in detail on:

Abortion: Pro choice, it's a woman's body, the man who helped create the baby should have some say also, but it is essentially the woman's body and her choice. i dont think it's right for the government to say who can abort a child and who can't based on religion, mainly because of separation of church and state, it's unconstitutional.

Gay rights: pro. love knows no age, or gender. anyone should have to right to proclaim their love for each other no matter if it's man and woman, man and man, woman and woman.

Pre marital sex: i'm not against it. but sex should always be for the right reasons, not just for the sake of sex. there should be love involved. and it should always be safe, always, no exceptions, otherwise there is worry for both parties involved on something that should be purely pleasure.

President Bush: i'm not going to say i'm against it, because he is in a very hard position, i don't agree with war i dont think violence is a way to solve any problem, but i think anyone who criticizes bush for the job he's doing should put themselves in his shoes, it has to be extremely difficult to run a country. i'm a liberal and i dont agree that he should have been elected again, but i'm not going to complain because i know i couldn't do the job.

Censorship: seriously? censorship is fucking a limit. it's a limit that should not occur in this country because of the freedoms we are given. censorship should not happen, anywhere, ever. we should not be subject to censorship, honesty is an admirable quality, honesty and the evolution of man. i'm rambling now, i realize, but censorship=not acceptable

Education Costs: i think everyone should be able to go to the college they get into that they want to go to, regardless of cost, the cost is extremely high and it's ridiculous. if you can get into barnard or yale or fordham and want to go there, you should be able to, it shouldn't matter that you can't afford it even with aid.

Now tell me one thing that you know you could do better than President Bush.

write. i'm a writer, and i know bush isn't, that is one thing i know i can do better than he. writing is my passion, i've been writing since i knew how to form words. and for some reason i
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discuss me [07 Mar 2005|10:24pm]

i know i created this community, but i thought i should fill out my own application that way you all can figure out my stands on things and understand my thoughts.

Name: Bailey
Age: 18
Sex: girl
Education so far: some community college
Favorite Color: red
Favorite band/cd: pink floyd, led zeppelin, areosmith, welt, nirvana, oskar, greenday, sex pistols, train, zz top
Favorite Movie: runaway jury, usual suspects, shrek, notting hill, the emporeres new groove
Favorite Book: eating the chesire cat, lovely bones, cul-de-sac

State your opions in detail on:

Abortion: i am pro-choice. a womans body is her own, and she has the right to her freedom. i do not believe in having an abortion after a certain amount of time has passed. although i think that it should be avoided, and would personally not be able to do it myself, i am pro-choice.

Gay rights: i believe that people are born either gay or straight. it is not something one chooses to be. i am all for gay marriages, adoption, and rights. i see not one good reason why human beings whether it be boy-boy or girl-girl should be prohibited from leading a normal life as straight people do. they are who they are, and i think that either you accept them or you will live your whole life pretending they dont exist, i believe thats called arrogance.

Pre marital sex: i used to always say i was going to wait until i got married to have sex. i have been with my current boyfriend for going on a year now, and we have sex. i am in love with him and he is the only person that i have ever had sex with. i think that if you are dedicated and loyal to one person than it is okay. when i see the people at school, or work or any enviornment where they are sleeping with 6 guys a week because they dont see the harm, i find it sad. then i do not believe in it. i am not saying i am righteous by only being with one guy, but i do believe there is a difference.

President Bush: i believe that he has ruined everything that america stands for. he has moved companies across seas, causing job loss for millions, brought america so far in debt that there will never be a light at the end of the tunnel, and the man is a complete moron. he is the worst president we have had in decades.

Censorship: i think it has both its ups and downs, when it comes to small children, under the age of about 12, i believe it is necessary. i do not have kids, but when i do, i do not want them to be subjectified at such a young age to all the flaws of the world. i know they have school and their peers to deal with, but that always is going on, i can try my hardest to help them understand, but i dont want them finding out other ways. but as we get older, it is our natural right to not have censorhip. to have information be withheld from an adult or a teenager is unethical. part of growing up is knowing everything that society has to offer you, both the good and the bad.

Education Costs: president bush is at fault. before his term they were down by so much. as soon as he took office they rose. i believe that they can be fixed, with a president that actually cares for the country, bot the rich and poor sides of the country.

Now tell me one thing that you know you could do better than President Bush.
one thing is an understatement. but i will keep this short, for if i didnt, rambling will occur. i would give the country, the voice, and the freedom back to the people. right where it should be.
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Discuss Me [02 Mar 2005|03:14am]

Name: Bryan
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Education so far: College Grad
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite band/cd: Sleater-Kinney/Nirvana's Nevermind
Favorite Movie: South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favorite Book: The Catcher In The Rye

State your opions in detail on:

Abortion: Pro-choice. I do think it's a bad thing that should be limited as much as possible, but it's certainly not equitable with murder. I also think a certain amount of it is a necessary and inevitable part of society.
Gay rights: I'm pro-gay marriage, pro-gay adoption, I support hate crimes protections for gays, and I support gays serving openly in the military.
Pre marital sex: Don't think there's anything wrong with it.
President Bush: I hate him passionately. He's one of my 3 least favorite presidents of all time, along with Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan.
Censorship: Generally very much against it, except for hate speech or anything that promotes harming other people. And certain things should only be allowed in certain contexts, like images of violence.
Education Costs: Um... Well obviously they're too high : )

Now tell me one thing that you know you could do better than President Bush. Talk : ) There are plenty of other things I think I could do better too, that's just the most obvious : )

So is there any chance we can get this background changed so that it's easier to read the text????
9 In Thought Think About It

[26 Feb 2005|10:50pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Well.. no one has really posted anything yet, besides applications... I wanted to get everyone's opinion on Wal-Mart. :-)

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Discuss me [21 Feb 2005|09:21pm]

Name: Nicole
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Education so far: Almost done with my bachelors degree
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite band/cd: Any mariah carey cd
Favorite Movie: Too many to name!
Favorite Book: Native Son

State your opions in detail on:

Abortion: I am Pro choice. I don't really like the whole "it's my own body, i will do what i want" statement that people use to back up their pro-choice argument. I am pro-choice because i think the "baby" is only tissue at the early stages and therefore it doesn't bother me. It will turn into a baby at a later stage but why should we judge based on future events? If a woman is not ready or made a mistake, it is not harmful in my opinion to go thru with the abortion. We are already over populated and have many kids that need to be adopted. Why bring another one into the world that is unwanted?

Gay rights: I am all for gay rights. I do not see any reason to not give them full rights just as with any other human being. It is their own business.

Pre marital sex: Well, it would be nice if everyone didn't have sex before marriage, but it is not a perfect world. I don't have anything against it. I don't think anyone should go wild and have sex with a bunch of people, but it is ok to have sex before marriage. I think if you have a serious relationship and are headed toward the direction of marriage, then it is alright to go ahead with the sex.

President Bush: I think he is the worst president we have ever had. He makes decisions that are not in the better welfare of OUR country. He took us to war when we didn't need to go to war. I think he cares only about himself and money for himself and not really our country.

Censorship: Don't really have an opinion on that.

Education Costs: College should be made more affordable so that more people would go.

Now tell me one thing that you know you could do better than President Bush: I can speak better english!
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Discuss Me [18 Feb 2005|10:09pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Name: Katie
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Education so far: Almost, but not quite, completed high school
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite band/cd: Get Up Kids
Favorite Movie: What the Bleep do we Know
Favorite Book: Prometheus Rising

State your opions in detail on:

Abortion: I think that abortion should be allowed in situations where the baby or the mother has chance of injury if the woman were to give birth... or in the situation of rape. However, I do not think that it should be used as a sort of birth control metod.... people should be responsible, and know the consequences of their actions, and should be prepared to live with them if it comes to it.

Gay rights: Well, being a Christian, I believe that homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God... HOWEVER, God did give man free choice, and if people who are homosexual want to get married, it's their choice, and there should not be laws banning it or anything!! And they should have the same rights as everyone else.. not SPECIAL rights, but equal rights. I think that all the reeeeally conservative Christians trying to get gay marriage outlawed are doing the wrong thing... because it's not their place to judge people, and I just do not understnad why they care so much if people who are homosexual get married.

Pre marital sex: I think that sex with love is ok, as long as you really think it over, and be aware of the possible consequences of your actions.

President Bush: Well.. I think that he is better than Kerry would have been, but that does NOT mean that I like him in the least!! Number one, he is pretty much totally ignoring the problem of oil depletion.... And he is relying on corporate support, which essentially means that corporations are pretty much running the country.. oh, and he lacks good diplomacy skills... must I go on?

Censorship: If this is referring to the way things are censored in the media, then I definitely disagree with censorship for the most part.... except in some cases.. However, there is a fine line between censorship and blatantly leaving information out so as to make things appear to be what they are not (aka... corporate media, things involving the Iraq War, etc...) I do think that people have a right to know all the information in most cases, in order to be well-informed, and totally aware of the whole situation.

Education Costs: Well, I do not know all that much about this subject... But based on the little that I do know... I think that education costs are VERY high, and most schools only use "selective education," meaning that the students are only exposed to one viewpoint on most subjects.. However, I think that the way to lower education costs is NOT to take out the music and arts programs and such things that really benefit kids....

Now tell me one thing that you know you could do better than President Bush: Well.. First of all, I could make a speech without making myself look stupid by mispronouncing words and such. =)

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first entry [11 Feb 2005|09:47pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

This will be a good community. now i just need some support and help to make this community read and well used. so help me promote. thanks.

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